Open-Call for Ukrainian Artists


Time of Stay: 25.04 – 20.05.2022

Exhibition: May 19 2022

Limited Space: Six Artists (5 Rooms) 

Location: Weinberggasse 10, 6800 Feldkirch / AUSTRIA

Google application form:

VILLA MÜLLER presents a new program for Ukrainian artists as part of the «pARTner» project. We invite you to participate in a joint residence that will take place for one month.

The horror of the war in which Ukraine finds itself overshadows thoughts about the future, and fear and deprivation of basic security and familiar conditions does not provide an opportunity and a place to design the future of our country. Every day, due to a military invasion, the horror of the unknown is mixed with faith in a new life, creating an ambivalent anxiety state. We do not know what the outcome will be and how much we will lose.

The unknown and the future will be the main themes of the residence. For a month, six artists will work together to design a new Ukraine, look to the future and create a new symbolic space, thereby fighting the imaginary that floods us. At the end of the residence, a joint exhibition will be held in the villa, where we will be able to acquaint the residents of the city with an artistic look and new meanings based on the combination of the concepts of faith and the unknown.

Participation in the residence, along with accommodation and meals, +500.- EUR/person is covered by the project.

Also, participants have the opportunity to fill out a form to receive additional assistance from the Austrian state in the amount of 1400 euros per month. 

Please fill out the google form to apply and briefly describe the project you would like to implement.

At this link you can get acquainted with the technical equipment that will be available during the residence:

Studio photo:

Photos of the villa:

Video of the villa:


If you are an artist/artist or cultural worker, have been living in Ukraine for the last few years and are engaged in artistic activities there, you can apply for participation here: